Here’s the opportunity to see the first experience conference from Nurse-Family Partnership in Norway 4 March 2019!

Here you can see recordings from the conference of Nurse-Family Partnership, where contributing families, co-workers and cooperative partners present their experiences with the program.


During the conference leaders and professionals from services related to Nurse-Familiy Partnership (NFP), politicians, relevant directorates, user organizations, centers of expertise and environments, colleges, universities and resource centers could get the opportunity to hear more about and share experiences from the testingphase of the program and create basis for discussions about the way forward for the program. 

The conference was a cooperation between The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) and Regional Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Norway (RBUP Øst og Sør). 

Presentations were made from the evaluationteam and preliminary numbers from the data collection, and the originator of the program, Professor David Olds as well as Ann Rowe, Consultant for NFP International, rounded off the day. Two panel debates were also held during the conference. 

Nurse-Family Partnership – in short! 

Nurse-Family Partnership is an evidence based follow-up program for first-time parents with various life challenges. The principles about early intervention, preventive child welfare and parenting support are important elements. 

Families are closely followed by specially trained family nurses (in Norway public health nurses and midwives) and are offered frequent home visits from pregnancy and till the child is two years old. 

Nurse-Family Partnership was developed by Professor David Olds at the University of Colorado, Denver. He began the development of the program in the 70-ties, and has continuously focus on development and improvement. The program is being offered in several European countries, as England, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands and Scotland. In Norway we are now in phase 2, piloting and testing-out with 150 families.  

Phase 2 runs till the middle of 2021, when the last child with its family of the 150 has completed the program. Nurse-Family Partnership is today being tested out in the municipalities of Stavanger, Time and Sandnes as well as in the city districts Søndre Nordstrand and Gamle Oslo.

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